Behind the Brand


"One day a girl had a dream and she decided to go for it"

 I am a fashion conscious, passionate, loving mother of two with a love for all things beautiful. Designing has always been a dream and passion of mine and in 2015 when I fell pregnant with my second son I came to a realization that my dreams, my creativity and desire was worth so much more than to be pushed to the back of my mind. I wanted to teach my children to chase after their dreams and it was time for me to do the same. 

Being a fashion conscious mother I found it difficult to find the perfect bag that served as much functionality as it did style. The Nappy Bags on the market were either too large, too bulky without the right sized pocketing, and it may be just me, but the handbag equivalent of the "Cargo Pant" is not the ideal style of bag or look I am after. Also, since when did having a baby mean that your sense of style or fashion went out the window? The fact is it doesn't.

 See I am a girl who LOVES handbags, they bring me happiness in the way that shoes do to Carrie Bradshaw, I appreciate the details, the design and workmanship that goes into the bags, the fabric, the lining and the fact that the right handbag can make such a difference to any outfit. I wanted to create a style of bags that when you look at them you don't instantly think "Nappy Bag" or "Mum Bag" I wanted to bring timeless style, organization, luxury and functionality to a woman's everyday necessity for motherhood and beyond.

December 2017 my dream became a reality. Milki & Co is more than just bags, it is my dream of design, love of style and beautiful things. It is my understanding of what the modern mother/ woman needs and wants in a bag, it is my appreciation of quality, my desire to create something beautiful, something timeless and something elegant all in one. 


Katy xx 



An Innovative, Award Winning Australian brand designed by an Australian mother of two with a passion for creating unique, distinguished 

luxurious designs for the empowered woman & mother. 


"Functionality without compromising on style"



* Below is one of my favorite pictures of me and my two boys