We Care

Ethically Soured Leather & Materials 


As part of  the design process Milki & Co takes into account durability, luxury, feel and most importantly only use premium high quality leathers that have been ethically sourced. We also release and produce a limited number of pieces in the collection at a time to reduce the amount of excess waste that can occur from higher production runs. 


Fair Trade & Human Rights


Milki & Co designs have been made using fair trade manufacturing, using sustainable development, accountability, transparency & respect.

"Although my designs are produced offshore, finding the right manufacturer who held the same morals, respect and appreciation of the craft like I do was hard to come by and took a very long time. The workmanship, quality control, transparency, commitment to source ethically sourced leathers and most importantly fair human rights in the workplace is something that is extremely important to me." Katy  


Australian Owned & Designed 


Founded & owned by Katy Stone, Australian designer with a dream of creating something beautiful, unique and versatile to the handbag market for not just motherhood but for the lovers of luxury, for those that appreciate the finer details and the love and workmanship that goes into producing a handbag. 

All leathers and materials have been carefully selected by Katy to bring you thoughtfully designed pieces, each design is made to be extremely versatile and suite all walks of life from everyday moments, motherhood and beyond. 

All packaging materials have been sourced through local Australian small business (We support Local) and each Milki & Co order is processed and packed in a clean environment with clean hands (A happy dance) and a big heart by either Katy or one of her team. 

" Milki & Co is more than just a brand, it's a mothers dream, passion and love for design to being you a collection of versatile & luxury pieces for you to love and enjoy in the years to come. It's not your average bag, it's a Milki & Co". Katy