Behind Milki & Co

Posted by Katy Stone on 22nd Nov 2017

I am a lippy wearing, passionate, creative Mumma of two with a love for all things beautiful and a secret love affair.. with you guessed it.. handbags. This love affair started when I was a young girl as early as I can remember, I loved having Gorgeous little bags where I could put my lip smackers in (90's babies will know what I am talking about), I used to love playing and using my mum and my nanny's handbags and would pretend I was a business woman wearing heels, lipstick and of course a gorgeous handbag. I would dress up and strut my stuff down the hallway of my grandparents home and it was just the best!

As I got older my love affair for beautiful bags and the fashion culture only grew, as a teenager I used to work on the weekends and my earnings would buy me my monthly Vogue, Harper's Bazzar, clothes and of course handbags! I used to love coordinating my outfits with my bags and accessories. I was that Vogue reading, boutique clothes wearing, brand obsessed girl.

As I grew older and became a mother my taste has changed, I still love beautiful things yet I am all about quality over quantity. My style has become more simple, more minimalistic. I am a black and white with a bit of denim kind of girl. I appreciate beautiful quality products that are timeless in style, that last and make you feel beautiful and sexy.

At the age of 21 I gave birth to my first beautiful baby boy Austin and in 2016 at age 26 I gave birth to my second beautiful baby boy Andy. What an amazing blessing becoming a mother is and although I started having babies only young becoming a mother has been one of the most rewarding and biggest blessing of my life. I love being a mother and all that it entails. My only hate was the lack of stylish bags for mothers on the market, even after spending hundreds on a nappy bag, it still was the standard, ugly material, long shaped, bulky outside pocketed bag. So this lead me to ask myself this question "Why does becoming a mother mean that I have to lose my style or love for fashion?" The fact is it doesn't. I refused to give in and buy a standard Nappy Bag, instead I would use one of my larger quality "high end" handbags as a nappy bag and although they worked fine at the time an everyday handbag doesn't particularly accommodate the many items required when looking after an infant/ toddler/ child....right? So this brought me to the conclusion, why can't there be a Gorgeous handbag that doesn't look like a "Nappy Bag" , I am talking about a beautiful, luxury, stylish, sophisticated, sexy bag that also serves as a Nappy Bag? Ladies and gentlemen I bring you Milki & Co , I call it my 3rd baby, it's a full blown love affair, a gorgeous luxury handbag brand designed by me for all those mothers, businesswomen, grandmothers, nanny's, carers etc that are wanting not your standard everyday bag, but a quality, luxury handbag that's serves the purpose of not just your "Nappy Bag" but also a stylish fashionable handbag, bringing functionality and style to our everyday necessity.

Milki & Co Designed by a fashion conscious mother for the fashion conscious mothers.