​Celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

​Celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

Posted by Katy Stone on 20th Apr 2020

Hey Beauties, okay so for this week I am wanting to write about the added pressure we all face and put on ourselves daily especially as mothers and embracing who we are.When it comes to homeschooling … read more

Shedding some light on anxiety and depression.

Posted by Katy Stone on 22nd Mar 2018

We get so caught up in what is going on around us sometimes that we forget to address or see what is going on on the inside. I want those who are having a hard time at the moment to know you are not a … read more

I am my own worst enemy.

Posted by Katy Stone on 18th Jan 2018

The other day I was discussing work and ideas with my Dad when he brought to my attention that I need to stop doubting myself. That I am putting obsticles in front of me that aren't really there. Ther … read more