Shedding some light on anxiety and depression.

Posted by Katy Stone on 22nd Mar 2018

We get so caught up in what is going on around us sometimes that we forget to address or see what is going on on the inside. I want those who are having a hard time at the moment to know you are not alone. Suffering from deperession and axiety does not mean you are weak, does not mean you are worthless, does not mean that you aren't good enough. You are human with feelings, with emotions going through the highs and lows of life. I have writen a little piece of how I percieve anxiety as I myself, have gone through anxiety and depression. I am no way a professional I am just someone sharing my thoughts to shed some light on a subject that is so real and affects so many.

"I am passionate yet sensitive, I care about others but sometimes care too much about what others think, I am empowered and love to empower others yet at the same time at times need empowering. I am strong and kick ass but at times are weak and just need to be held, I am creative and quirky but sometimes feel like hiding in the shadows. I am thoughtful and caring but sometimes can be forgotten, I can feel beautiful and pretty some days and worthless and ugly the next. There are days I feel unworthy but then I realise how worthy I am. There are times I feel fat and disgusting and there are days where I see beauty and strength. There are days that I feel utterly exhausted and days that I feel I can conquer the world. There are days where my emotions take over and I only think with my heart and there are days when I only think logically and don't get swayed by emotion. There are times when I feel unworthy of love and times when I know how worthy I am.There are times when I feel overwhelmed and alone and times when I want to just be left alone. There were times when I felt lost and now I see a future. Sometimes I feel defeated and sometimes I feel amazing - this is real - this is life - I am human".

It is only natural for us to feel the highs and lows of life at time and sometimes get overwhelmed by reality however I want you to know you are not alone, those times you feel worthless, forgotten or when you feel like hiding in the shadows I understand. And you know what, its okay to not be okay. The fact is anxiety and depression is around all us. You may see someone who you see as empowering, beautiful and on top of the world but deep down they may not be feeling that way. We all have struggles and no one knows what is going on deep down in someone else. The world is so much bigger than what you see in front of you or on the phone and computer we sometimes hide behind. Choose to uplift others instead of pull them down, choose to love and be kind. If you see someone doing something amazing, looking beautiful, overcoming and kicking ass why not encourgae them, empower them, uplift them. Smile and show the world your beauty from within. And if you see someone that is not okay or you yourself are not okay, speak up, don't hide in the shadows. You are so worthy of love, you deserve amazing things, you are unique, you are strong and you can get through it. No matter what it is, you are not alone, we are all on a journey. Things get tough, at times we feel defeated but you are strong, you are worthy, you are one kick ass, beautiful, amazing and incredible human, believe in you.

Katy xx