​Celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

​Celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

Posted by Katy Stone on 20th Apr 2020

Hey Beauties, okay so for this week I am wanting to write about the added pressure we all face and put on ourselves daily especially as mothers and embracing who we are.

When it comes to homeschooling our children, the way we live, our daily routines etc. we are always going to be different and what works for me may not work or be beneficial at all for the Mumma next door and that's okay! But what I do know is that sharing each others experience, the ups and downs, being honest and open with how we are feeling relieves the added pressure of perfectionism that we and society put on ourselves.

What I am learning through this whole pandemic is that we are extremely resilient and adaptable. At the start of this, I was fighting it, fighting the change, I was angry at the world, frustrated at the situation unfolding in front of my eyes, scared of the unknown, fearful and heartbroken. I felt completely hopeless and it brought my anxiety to a whole new level.

Although there will always be heartache and fear, coming to terms with my new "normal", accepting the change and embracing this time/ season to allow myself to grow, to learn, to spend some more quality time with my children minus the chaos as felt in the "every day normal" and to really open my eyes to what is most important in life, what "I" value most.

I had to really take a step back, breath, find myself again (underneath the clouded smoke of fear and anxiety) and see what is really important and beneficial for me, my health and my well-being, and the health and well-being of my beautiful family.

My last blog post I spoke about some things that I am implementing and doing that is helping me during this time. Such as, routine, finding new daily rituals etc but also I am finding connecting more with other women, mothers and hearing about their experiences and realising that our amazing and unique qualities, the way we each cope, deal or handle the pressure are worth exploring, understanding and embracing especially during this time. The more we understand and acknowledge each other, the more we connect and celebrate our differences, creates an overwhelming sense of unity and now more than ever it's the time to do it.

We are not perfect, in fact nothing ever is "perfect" but we are all changing, we are all growing, we are all learning ( ever changing, ever growing, ever learning). There may be days that are better than others, there may be times you wish you could just click your fingers and for it all to go  "back to normal".There may be days that you feel on top of the world and that you can conquer anything even from the confinements of your home! There may be days where you feel inspired and days you feel uninspired. There may be days where you feel like the best mum in the world and days where you raised your voice way too much, got frustrated and lost your temper, we all have those days. Those days we want to hide in the bathroom and just cry!

Each day I am celebrating the little wins, the special moments in time, those extra cuddles in the morning or being able to be home to tuck your kiddies in at night. These are the little blessings, these are the things I am grateful for, my little wins.

So from one mother to another, one woman to another, who is taking each day as it comes, doing what I can do and removing the pressure of having to be "perfect" all the time. Whoever you are, whatever it is you're feeling.... You are worthy, your thoughts, your feeling, your emotions are worthy". It's time to start embracing "YOU", realising what makes "YOU" happy. Connecting, sharing and understanding one another more, finding gratitude and accepting our perfectly imperfect selves.

Katy xx